Social Media – how, when + with what frequency?

With so many different social media outlets on the web and so many different strategies for using them, I wanted to create a simple, one-stop-shop for 5 of the biggest, most currently used sites.

Do I think you should all be using all of these outlets?


If you try to post on every social media site there is, you’ll stretch yourself thin and risk burnout. Pick the 2 or 3 that most resonate with you and dig deep into those.

Do you like to write? Use Twitter, start a blog, write for other sites with a large audience.

Do you like to shoot gorgeous photos? Use Instagram, Tumblr and maybe Pinterest.

Do you like to create video? Use YouTube and Facebook.

Each of these sites caters to a difference audience (except Facebook, Facebook basically caters to all the audiences…) and so learning about your client and where your client hangs out might be the best strategy in figuring out where to put your own efforts.

Want to brainstorm with me to figure out which outlets you should be using for your unique business? Reach out! Let’s get that conversation started!

Stumped for what sorts of things to post on your social media channels? Check out this post and my infographic with 10 Engaging Ideas!

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