Why Are You Focusing on What You DON’T Want?

Are you always psyching yourself out about failing as a business owner?

If the answer is anything but HELL NO, you’re in trouble. 

You’re worried about the bills.

You’re worried about the extra hours in the day that you think you need but definitely don’t have.

You’re worried about whether your clients will like your new product or whether they’ll all abandon you if you raise your prices.

You’re worried about making it in the world of entrepreneurship lest you have to get a….dundundun…job.

If these are the kinds of thoughts that are running through your head all day every day, you’re exponentially more likely to see the awful end-result you were afraid of instead of the shiny, freedom-having result you dream about.

What we focus on expands. Where attention goes, energy flows. If you’re afraid of spiders and all you can think about is where they’re hiding, you’re going to see them everywhere (the same goes for debt, failure, mean people and extra pounds).

Part of this is woo-woo Law of Attraction stuff and part of this is scientific, brain stuff.

Whether you believe in the Law of Attraction or not, you can’t deny the science behind the Reticular Activating System (RAS). All of your senses are wired to this neuron bundle and it controls which sensory information comes to your brain all day long.

This means that it basically chooses what you see, hear, feel, taste and experience. It narrows down the thousands and thousands of potential data bits to just the ones that it wants you to experience – what YOU want to experience.

Your RAS is wired to show you what you are looking for. But wait, how does this bundle of neurons know what I’m looking for? How does it know what to show me?

This wiring is directed by what you FOCUS ON.

Your thoughts and your words MATTER.

One of the most common examples of how this works in real life is when you’re looking to buy a new car – you’ve picked it out and you know exactly what you want. A Subaru Impreza Hatchback (hey! convenient! I have one of those!).

As soon as you hone in on the car you want, you start seeing them everywhere! You saw one at the grocery store, two drove past you on the way to work, the neighbor down the street just pulled up in one.

Does this mean that all these cars are just popping up all of a sudden? That your desire for one has now made everyone else in your city want them too and now they’re going out and buying up all the Imprezas the market has to offer?

Or does this mean that these cars were actually driving the streets of your city all along but you just didn’t notice them before because your RAS wasn’t told to focus on them?

(Hint: Go with the second option.)

Ok, great Holly, now I know why I keep seeing these cars, but what does this mean for my BUSINESS?
When you can’t see the answer, see the clients, see the money, see the success, it’s not because it doesn’t exist in the world – it’s because your brain literally cannot see it. The RAS won’t let that data pass through its filtration system.

Instead of: Yikes! I don’t have enough money to (insert current situation here)!!

Try: I’m wealthy, look at all the wealth that surrounds me already!

Instead of: I’m never going to get my entire ToDo List done! There just isn’t enough time in the day!

Try: There is more than enough time to get my important work done!

Instead of: If I raise my prices, my clients will all leave me!

Try: Raising my prices adds more value to my clients!

Instead of: What am I even doing with my life? Maybe I should see if Mom’s basement is still vacant.

Try: I’m a total badass and I GOT THIS!

But, Holly, I’m not thinking about wanting the debt, the anxiety, the terror of losing clients or working until I fall over in exhaustion so why is that what keeps showing up?

Your RAS can’t tell the difference between “I DON’T want to see this” and “I DO want to see this” – all the RAS can understand is “I see this.” So whether you’re personally focusing on it in a good way or a bad way, the RAS can’t tell, doesn’t care and won’t know the difference.
If you focus on the right things, your brain will rewire itself to show you these things because that’s its job. That’s what the RAS has been designed over millions of years to do. It’s very good at it.

Just give it a shot, please? For me? Well, for you, really, but if you need an external excuse please do it for me 😉

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