My Authentic Life | Why I’m Transitioning Into Vanlife

I’ve always been a mobile person. When I was a kid, my family moved across the country – twice – and my folks never let a 3-day weekend be spent anywhere but the mountains.


At first, this was all I knew and I loved playing in the woods, making up games with my brothers and our dogs. We went tent camping, backpacking and progressed through camper sizes as the three of us also grew too big to share the backseat of a Ford Taurus station wagon.

As I got older, my feelings changed and I fought against these trips. I just wanted to stay home with the other kids and make friends – at that age, you made friends by playing on the weekends or school breaks but we couldn’t do that if we were always traveling, camping, backpacking and being in the gosh darn wilderness!

Now that I’m pretending to be an adult and making my own decisions about how to spend my time, I relish my time in nature. I’ve blocked out weekends all summer long so I don’t miss an opportunity to take my pup on an adventure. I’m introducing my friends to the wonders of hiking, backpacking and climbing. All the while, I’m noticing the details in life that make it so special.


In discovering new trails, I’ve discovered more of who I am inside, as well. I’ve made great strides in the past year to live a more authentic life – find my truth and say screw it to all the other things in life distracting me from pursuing it.

I’ve wanted to live in a vehicle for most of the past ten years and yet, every time I was >thisclose< to making the jump, something came up. I got a job or a relationship or something else in life just wasn’t “convenient” to do while living in a van.

I was still mobile, like it or not, and I haven’t lived in any one location for more than a few months at a time, never fulfilling a lease agreement and hauling all my stuff from one mediocre living situation to the next.

Taking twenty trips back and forth from old house to newest house in my little Subaru reminded me of the days when I could fit everything I own in one load and move it all with my own two hands. It sparked an insatiable fire within me to fully commit to my authentic life – my life in a van.

To me, van life means freedom. Freedom from having an apartment to keep full. Freedom from having to call one small spot on this amazing planet home – can’t the whole thing be “home?” Freedom from living like society tells me I should be and instead living like my soul tells me I should be. Freedom to explore a new side of my tenacity and find out just what I can do in that environment. Freedom to explore a new side of the country and the world with my pup.


Van life represents a simpler life in some ways and a more complicated one in others. Simpler in terms of having everything I own within an arm’s reach at any given time. Simpler in that I’ll be forced into minimalism. More complicated in that doing some otherwise simple tasks – laundry, showering, etc might take a bit of extra planning at first until I get a system figured out.

In an argument between my head, my heart and my gut, my gut almost always wins. I trust my gut and what it has to tell me, I feel like it’s the big mediator between the head and the heart. While my brain argues the logic for and against van life, my heart argues for my quality of life. As the trusted advisor, my gut is continually telling me to embrace mobile living, ditch the things that are weighing me down – physically, emotionally and mentally – and set off on my next adventure. My gut lets me know that, although it might not always be glamorous and wonderful, I can handle the hiccups and roadblocks (perhaps literally) that van life could bring.

I am committed to transitioning into van life this year. I am committed to reducing my impact on the world and finding new homes for my carefully-curated-but-not-entirely-necessary apartment’s worth of belongings. I quit working for corporations and other companies and am instead growing companies that reflect my soul purpose in the world and allow me to make a greater positive impact on my community.

Essentially, vanlife will change my life in that I’ll be able to be the truest version of myself. I’ll be able to fulfill my lifelong dream. It’ll change my life for the better and I’ll be able to use this transition to broaden my own positive impact on the world.


I plan on keeping Denver as my home base and using the van to keep connections within my geographically-spread-out family strong, make new friends, explore new parts of the US, Mexico & Canada and grow my coaching business. I know that freedom means different things to different people and my clients are primarily women solopreneurs who are looking to get off the hamster wheel of business. With more experience in different environments, I’ll be able to help more people in different walks of life. These people can then go help others and the positive ripple will extend far beyond my own reach!

I’m living a life in the pursuit of freedom and I’m looking forward to helping more people throughout the world achieve their version of freedom in the process.

What does your authentic life look like?

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